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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Creating Facebook Saved Audiences

We've all heard about the magical land called Facebook. Where 1 in 7 people on Earth use Facebook to connect with their friends and family. 1 in 7! Holy Cow!

We live in an amazingly open and connected world where people we know (as well as ourselves) are able to express and share our most intimate thoughts and moments with those we love. And we all know an Uncle Charlie who just shares way too much!

As a practitioners and business owner, reaching out to your potential patients and customers to let them know about your acupuncture practice and services has never been easier! In this first of a series of posts I'll be showing you how you can use Facebook Ads to reach those potential patients.

But before I get into it, I want to address what many of you might be thinking, which is the creep factor of Facebook. Yes, I agree, there is a certain creep factor. The amount of data, an advertiser has access to on Facebook is mind blowing. Especially when people are even willing to share health information about themselves in such a public way. Sometimes, I'm creeped out!

However, another way to think about it is that there are people out there that need your valuable acupuncture service and healing and the best thing you can do for them is to let them know you are here to help. We're on a mission to SAVE the world!

Facebook allows you to find these people at a very targeted level, so they (and you and I) only see ads that are relevant to us. I'd rather have a more relevant ad than be blasted with ads I don't care about. Like a Snuggie, I don't want a Snuggie and don't want to see Snuggie ads, but there are people out there who do! (By the way, I have nothing against Snuggies and no Snuggies were hurt in the making of this post.)

Alright, so let's get cracking and create our first Facebook Saved Audience!

What's a Saved Audience?

A Saved Audience is just a group of people on Facebook that share a set of common attributes that you've specified (ie. demographics, interests, behaviors, etc). In our example today, we'll create a Saved Audience targeting people with back pain. Ouch!

Facebook Ad Manager

To get started, login to Facebook Ad Manager by going to

At first glance and if this is your first time using the Ad Manager, there's a lot going on. But we're going to start out simple (Keep It Simple Stupid!) and go straight for the Power Editor and give out a loud grunt like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor... har har har!

The Power Editor

The Power Editor, as the name would indicate, is a more powerful version of the Facebook Ad tools with more functionality. Just call me Captain Obvious!

When creating our Facebook Ads, most of the time, we'll be working strictly within the Power Editor. We ain't got no time for playing around with the kiddie toys!

Once in the Power Editor, click on the Audiences' Tab which shows you a list of all your Audiences and the ability to Create Audience.

Create Saved Audience

Next, click on Create Audience and in the dropdown menu, click Saved Audience.

The Create Saved Audience dialog will appear and the first thing we'll enter is the Audience Name. In this example, we're targeting people with back pain, so we'll call it "People with back pain". Aren't you amazed at my descriptive naming skills?!

Location, Location, Location!

We'll then go down to the Locations section and add the city our practice is located. This will restrict our ad to only people in this region, saving us money by making sure only people who are physically able to come to our office, see the ad. Location, Location, Location!

Below Locations, you also have the ability to target your Audience based on Age, Gender and Languages. In this example, we'll leave these as is, BUT, I highly recommend you play with these fields by creating more targeted Audiences. (You can create as many Audiences as you want.)

Detailed Targeting

The Detailed Targeting section is where the magic happens and where you're limited only by your own creativity. In Detailed Targeting, you list attributes about the person you're targeting with your ad.

This is where really knowing your patients is important. What do they looks like? Where do they work? What do they like to do? What are their interests? Take some time to imagine who your patient is!

In our example, since we're targeting people with back pain, we could target people in the IT industry, who work at a desk most of the day. Or we could target construction workers, who have to lift heavy things all day long.

In this example, we'll keep it simple and type in "back pain" and see what we get!

OMG! Look at all the different ways to target people with back pain! We have people interested in "Back pain", "Low back pain", "cure back pain network", "Pain relief", and "BackCare". We need to help all these people!

Potential Audience & Audience Details

When done with the Detailed Targeting, scroll back up to the top to see the Potential Audience. This is the estimated size of the audience given the criteria specified.

In our case, there are 38,000 people in Austin interested in back pain!

And by inputting different options, the Potential Reach will change, so play with it and see what you get!

When you're satisfied with your Audience, click the Create Audience button at the bottom of the dialog. And, you're done!

I encourage you to create many different Audiences and in the next post, we'll talk about using these Saved Audiences to create a Facebook Ad Campaign.

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

Minto Tsai

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Jasmine 2015 Top 5 Or So List

Can you believe the year is about over? With each passing year, it seems the years become shorter and shorter!

Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast counting down their top 10 things for 2015 and I realized that much of the year, I'm mostly in "go" mode and I don't take much or any time to reflect and appreciate the little things.

So, I thought it would be good to take a step back and reflect on the accomplishments we've achieved this year! (and I say we, because, I truly feel Jasmine is a community effort and I could't do it without your help.)

So without further adieu, here is "The Jasmine 2015 Top 5 Or So List" in no particular order...

  1. Streamlined ICD and CPT Code Entry

    Entering ICD & CPT codes became easier and quicker this year with the addition of 2 new widgets on the SOAP note. The widgets allowed typeahead for quick access to codes in the database! Yipee!

    For more details:

  2. ICD-10 Codes

    This year, we finally saw the industry as a whole move from ICD-9 to ICD-10. In Jasmine, we added many of the new acupuncture specific ICD-10 codes. Oh my!

    In addition, we put out a printable PDF of common ICD-10 codes. If you missed it (Shame on you!), you can check out the blog post below.

  3. Online Intake Forms & Signatures

    Picking a favorite feature is like picking which one of your kids you love most, but if I was forced to choose, I would pick this one. I think what makes this one so special for me is that every time I show it, I get the same reaction of amazement! And yes, that gives me the warm and fuzzies!

    For more details:

  4. Booking Sites & Widget

    The booking widget was due for a rework and redesign and we finally bit the bullet and did it. The booking widget and booking site now share the same code base which is AWESOME! What this means is that we can add new features in one place in the code and have it work for both the widget and booking site.

    For more details:

  5. Credit Card Payments with Stripe

    The ability to process credit card payments is one of those features that I put under plumbing. It's like the piping that goes through out the house, you don't see it most of the time, but it does a lot of the heavy lifting.

    Now that we have the basics in place, we can do some exciting things!

    For more details:

  6. AutoSave SOAP Notes

    This one was one of those nagging itches, where every so often, someone would tell me they lost their SOAP note because they forgot to save when they paused to check on a patient. And since, Jasmine is on Salesforce, there wasn't much that could be done within the Jasmine/Salesforce code. So the itch continued...

    Luckily, after some thought, I was able to address this by creating a browser plugin!
    (That's thinking outside the platform!)

    For more details:

Lastly, I want to thank all of you for all your feedback in making the product better this year! You guys are the best!

What was your favorite feature of 2015 and why? I'd love to hear from you.

Minto Tsai

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P.P.S Have a happy and safe holidays and see you all back for a great 2016!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Introducing: Salesforce AutoSave for Chrome

The Jasmine Acupuncture Association of SOAP Note Writers are rejoicing today!

For years, Jasmine users have been writing acupuncture SOAP notes and forgetting to save their work! Oh no!

You start writing your SOAP note then you go to treat your patient and 30 minutes later, you come back, only to find your HIPAA compliant Jasmine system has logged you out. It's an understandable mistake!

But all those keystrokes LOST because you forgot to click ONE little button. And who could blame you? In a world of autosave, you and I would expect the system to automatically save your work!

And, with all the great and wonderful qualities of Jasmine being built on the Salesforce platform, we have to live with this little booger. (Some of you might like boogers, not judging.)

Well no more!

Today, I'm excited to introduce an new Chrome browser extension, Salesforce AutoSave for Chrome by Jasmine.

Where to get it

Installing the Salesforce AutoSave for Chrome extension is as easy as 1, 2, 3. (I really don't know how many steps it is.)

Click on the link below and Click the "Add to Chrome" button.

Salesforce AutoSave for Chrome

How it works

Now, anytime you're editing a SOAP note or any record within Jasmine, the extension will automatically detect this and start the default 5 minute timer. (The default can be changed in the Chrome extension's options menu.)

When the timer goes off and the extension will automatically click the save button to make sure your data isn't lost! Whew!

And that's it!

So what are you waiting for? Go and give it a try! I even dare you to set your timer to see that it saves on the dot!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you.

Minto Tsai

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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Do Acupuncturists Need A Website?

During this week's #AcupunctureHour on Twitter, @AcuCardiff asked the question, "Do Acupuncturists Need A Website?" What a great question!

Here's the original tweet:

I love this question for many reasons. The main reason is that it questions the commonly considered norms and established beliefs. In a world of mobile apps, Facebook and Yelp, is a website even necessary?!

Below are tweets from your Acu Pals for why a website is necessary and if you read all the way through, I'll add some more reasons. Don't cheat and jump to the end!

Easy To Find

One of the most important reasons for having a website is so your patients can easily find you. Humans are naturally lazy creatures, so in business (as in life), you just want to make things as easy as possible for people.

If I think back at some of my experiences when looking for a service or business, if I had difficulty finding them, I moved on and took my money else where!


@AcuLeeds makes another great point for why you need an acupuncture website and it's so your patient's get to learn more about you (the practitioner) and your business.

You also establish yourself as an expert with credibility by having a nice website that highlights your skills and expertise and how you can help the patient!

OMG, have you ever visited a business' website and it was all jacked up? Did you buy from them!?

One Of Many

As, Nick and Ka Hang mention, your website is just ONE of your marketing activities, not the ONLY and just as networking and word of mouth are other channels, you need to use a combination of these channels to find patients.

A little marketing secret that many people don't realize, is that it takes at least SEVEN interactions with your marketing message before someone will buy from you. SEVEN!

This is why you need to be EVERYWHERE! (website, blog, email, Facebook, Yelp, etc!)

Keep It Simple, Stupid

A nice looking website goes a long way in establishing your credibility and professionalism.  As for your website, keep it simple. In the words of @pointspace, "simple is nice."

I would also recommend STRESS learning a little about copywriting so that the message on your website is attractive to your patients! Copywriting is a MUST!

What a great question and discussion! Thank you to @AcuCardiff for the question and all the Acu Pals who chimed in!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 

Minto Tsai

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