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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Do Acupuncturists Need A Website?

During this week's #AcupunctureHour on Twitter, @AcuCardiff asked the question, "Do Acupuncturists Need A Website?" What a great question!

Here's the original tweet:

I love this question for many reasons. The main reason is that it questions the commonly considered norms and established beliefs. In a world of mobile apps, Facebook and Yelp, is a website even necessary?!

Below are tweets from your Acu Pals for why a website is necessary and if you read all the way through, I'll add some more reasons. Don't cheat and jump to the end!

Easy To Find

One of the most important reasons for having a website is so your patients can easily find you. Humans are naturally lazy creatures, so in business (as in life), you just want to make things as easy as possible for people.

If I think back at some of my experiences when looking for a service or business, if I had difficulty finding them, I moved on and took my money else where!


@AcuLeeds makes another great point for why you need an acupuncture website and it's so your patient's get to learn more about you (the practitioner) and your business.

You also establish yourself as an expert with credibility by having a nice website that highlights your skills and expertise and how you can help the patient!

OMG, have you ever visited a business' website and it was all jacked up? Did you buy from them!?

One Of Many

As, Nick and Ka Hang mention, your website is just ONE of your marketing activities, not the ONLY and just as networking and word of mouth are other channels, you need to use a combination of these channels to find patients.

A little marketing secret that many people don't realize, is that it takes at least SEVEN interactions with your marketing message before someone will buy from you. SEVEN!

This is why you need to be EVERYWHERE! (website, blog, email, Facebook, Yelp, etc!)

Keep It Simple, Stupid

A nice looking website goes a long way in establishing your credibility and professionalism.  As for your website, keep it simple. In the words of @pointspace, "simple is nice."

I would also recommend STRESS learning a little about copywriting so that the message on your website is attractive to your patients! Copywriting is a MUST!

What a great question and discussion! Thank you to @AcuCardiff for the question and all the Acu Pals who chimed in!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you. 

Minto Tsai

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