Streamline Your Acupuncture Practice | Jasmine Software: January 2021

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

New Custom Signed Forms, Receipt/Superbill Design, Product CPT Codes, & SMS/Text Reminder Configuration

New Custom Signed Forms

Custom Signed Forms let you create any form for your patients to read through and sign. 

They are different than Standard Signed Forms (like Physician Evaluation, Informed Consent, Privacy Policy) in that Custom Signed Forms are sent individually and not part of the Intake Form package.

Watch the video below for how to setup and send Custom Signed Forms to your patients.

New Receipt/Superbill Design

The receipt and Superbill got a redesign to be easier to read.

The sections are structured into visible well defined tables for better data visualization.

CPT Codes on Products

On products, you can now add CPT Codes so they show up on Superbills. 

These are good for ordering tests for your patients and keeping track of the CPT Codes associated.

New SMS/Text Reminder Configuration

You can now send SMS/Text reminders on a separate schedule from email reminders. 

Giving you another option in fighting no-shows.

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