AOMA Southwest Symposium 2017 Recap

Sarah, Denise, Lisa, Minto (Left to Right)

After a couple weeks, the dust from the weekend of what was the AOMA Southwest Symposium 2017 has finally settled.

So much happened that weekend, I’m still processing and reminiscing about it.

The one thing that stands out about the whole experience is how much I enjoy and love serving the wonderful people of this community.

Four years ago, when I attended my first AOMA Southwest Symposium, as an outsider, I was struck and left with the same feelings of community.

Being a vendor this year, reinforced those same feelings.

Thank You, AOMA!

Congratulations to the people at AOMA for running a smooth symposium. As an attendee looking on, the amount of preparation and coordination seems like it takes a herculean effort. And the AOMA crew made it look easy.

Special thanks to Cara Edmonds, the AOMA Symposium Coordinator, who guided me, answered countless questions, and made sure everything went smoothly.

Cara, Will, Minto (Left to Right)

The Branded Clinic App

At the Symposium, Jasmine Software launched The Branded Clinic App. As the name implies, this is a dedicated iPhone & Android mobile app branded for your acupuncture clinic. The app is for your patients to schedule appointments and contact your clinic.

Attn: Acupuncturists. Jasmine Software just launched a new branded mobile app for your clinic at this year’s Symposium. Go check out their new app at! #SWSATX
Posted by Southwest Symposium on Sunday, May 7, 2017

To New and Old Friends

Finally, thank you to all the new friends of Jasmine Software made during the Symposium. And, to all the old friends who dropped by to say “hi” and help out at the booth!
Special thanks to Sarah Marie for helping out Saturday at the booth with me. 
And to two amazing acupuncturists, Denise Zamarripa (Revive Health Acupuncture) and Lisa Lapwing (Whole Health Acupuncture) for wearing the Jasmine Software t-shirts and helping spread the word!
And, finally, finally, this being the final Southwest Symposium as part of the free standing AOMA, which going forward will be part of Bastyr University, I’m soo glad Jasmine Software was in attendance!
Minto Tsai
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