Do You Scrub Your Acupuncture Insurance Claims?

Filing an acupuncture insurance claim can be a daunting task for an acupuncturists. Not many would argue that the CMS 1500 form is more functional rather than beautiful. Some might even call them aesthetically challenged!

One of the biggest problems with filing an insurance claim is that if there’s a small mistake in the form, you don’t get paid!

Claims can be denied by simple data entry errors or mismatched demographic information between the acupuncturist and insurance. These errors can be costly, taking weeks before being detected and longer to correct.

To help prevent this, Jasmine will run a scrub eligibility before submitting claims.

Scrub Eligibility

Scrub eligibility provides real time errors while creating a claim.

Jasmine will compare your claim’s patient information with the coverage information the insurance has on their system.
If there’s an error with the coverage information comparison, the claim will not be processed, giving you the ability to correct the errors.
This will reduce the number of denied claims and save you time and most of all MONEY!

Insurance billing is currently by private invite only. If you’re an acupuncturist interested in insurance billing and would like to be the FIRST to use the new insurance billing features, sign up below!

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Minto Tsai
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