Do You Sell A Digital Acupuncture Product?

Have you ever thought about creating a digital product?

As of today, April 18, 2020, due to the coronavirus, many states are under stay-at-home orders, and, have been for several weeks, since March.

A return to normalcy seems several weeks or months away. Maybe even a “new normal” as they say.

This is a great time for your acupuncture practice to go digital.

In the following post, I’ll go over why and how your acupuncture practice can create a digital product.

Why create a digital product

Creating and selling a digital product has many advantages.

In these times, an important advantage of a digital product is that it’s contactless. You can sell a digital product without meeting face-to-face.

Also, digital products have low overhead. After the initial time and cost of creating your digital product, the subsequent reproduction of a digital product is negligible.

Finally, a digital product gives you the freedom to make money while you’re asleep. Since servers are always on, you can be open 24/7.

What digital products to create

Digital products have unlimited potential. Your imagination is all that you need. I’ll give some ideas below that might spark that light bulb moment for you.

Digital products can come in different forms. The different forms usually correspond to your preferred way of communicating and your audiences’ preferred way of consuming information.

Popular digital product formats are eBooks, videos, and, audio.

Start with one that feels comfortable to you.

Some ideas to get started might be:

  • Pressure points for at-home, self care
  • Diet workbook
  • Common herbal remedies for common illnesses
  • Herbal remedies you can make at home 

How to create a digital product

Much of creating a digital product is the upfront cost of researching and creating it.

The following is a short outline of steps to help you get started.

  • Reach out to your clients see what they would be willing to pay for
  • Decide on the medium (ebook, video, etc)
  • Create digital product
  • Test with 1-3 clients
  • Get reviews and testimonials
  • Sell online using a service like Gumroad

Be Safe. Be Well.


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