First Beta Users Meetup & Building a Community

A few weeks ago, we had our first Jasmine Practice Management Beta Users Meetup here in town, Austin, TX. Three acupuncturists, Tony (on the phone) and myself met at a Starbucks on South Lamar. The scene was rather humorous, 4 people with laptops huddled around a small table in a loud and crowed coffee shop.

The meetup provided an opportunity for demos of the product and also to provide product feedback. The feedback was both positive and constructive. And, we walked away with enough items to keep us busy for a long time.

As with all gatherings of smart people, magic happened. We started sharing advice and experiences around running a successful practice, independent of Jasmine Practice Management. The Beta group consists of acupuncturists at various stages of their careers, so the knowledge is both deep and broad.

We are seeing the beginning of what I hope is the formation of a community. A community of acupuncturists who share knowledge and advice not only about Jasmine Practice Management but also the successful management of an acupuncture practice.

Our next meetup is tomorrow via Google Hangout. I’m excited to hear the feedback and see the community grow.

Minto Tsai