Introducing: Booking Sites for Acupuncture Appointments

Booking Sites by Jasmine gives your acupuncture practice a dedicated web page for your patients to book an appointment.

You might ask, “Why Booking Sites when I already have a Book Now button?”

The answer is that Booking Sites:

  • Reduce friction of appointment bookings for patients
  • Allow more flexibility in driving patient engagement

Reducing Friction

Because your patients come from many different channels, for example, mailing lists, business cards, etc, and driving patients to your website with a Book Now button can be confusing for the patient to know what next steps to take.
Booking Sites allow you to reduce a step in the patient booking process by eliminating the Book Now button click. When patients land on your personalized and customized Booking Site, they can immediately book their appointment.

Flexibility for Patient Engagement

Booking Sites give you the flexibility to drive patients to an easy to use site with the click of a link. And as mentioned above, this link can be easily used in your mailing lists, business cards, etc. With this flexibility, you can be more creative in how you drive patients to your practice!

Anatomy of a Booking Site

The Booking Site comes with several cool features that differentiate it from other solutions.
These features include:
  • Customized logo and practice name
  • Appointment Process Indicator
  • Practice Contact Info, Location Info, and Business Hours

Customized Logo and Practice Name

The customized logo and practice name on a Booking Site lets you personalize the page and gives your patients the reassurance that they are booking with your practice.

Appointment Process Indicator

The appointment process indicator tells your patients where in the booking process they’re currently at. Knowing the current step and the number of steps left to finish the booking process gives your patients a sense of ease and calm.

Contact Info, Location Info, and Business Hours

Contact Info, Location Info, and Business Hours give your patients context and more details about your practice.
The Contact Info has the practice phone number, website link, and email link. Patients can easily get a hold of you and your practice for questions and answers with the Contact Information. 
The Location Info has the practice address and a Google Maps location for the practice. Patients can easily know and find your practice by looking at the Location Info.
And finally, Business Hours show the practice’s hours of operation so patients can determine the best time to book their appointment with the practice.

I’m excited to see Booking Sites schedule more appointments for your practice! And, if you’re interested in learning more about Jasmine Practice Management, please contact me at

Minto Tsai