Introducing: Electronic Patient Signatures

Life has a way of piling up on you… and as an acupuncturist, so do those patient forms! How many filing cabinets will you buy to store all your patients’ signatures?

And let’s be honest, how many times have you sat around on a Saturday night with nothing to do and said to yourself, “Let’s look at all my patients’ beautiful signatures!” ZERO.

Sure, some of your patients’ signatures are beautiful, almost like an artist painting on canvas. But let’s be honest, many (including my own) just look like chicken scratch.

The truth is, there are things in life and business that just need to be done (like signing the Informed Consent, Privacy Policy, and Cancellation Policy) and once they’re done, you just leave it and forget it.

Well, now you can have your patients sign the Informed Consent, Privacy Policy, and Cancellation Policy forms online… BEFORE their appointments AND have them stored SAFELY and SECURELY and HIPAA Compliant-ly (<— I don’t think that’s a real word. But all data in Jasmine is HIPAA Compliant!)

Your patients can even sign with their finger on their tablet! (What a time to be alive!)

Below is an example of a signed Informed Consent. The title and the text is customizable so you can reuse the wording from your existing forms.

After your patients sign the forms, an image of the form and signature is taken (and timestamped) and then, saved in Jasmine Practice Management with the patient’s file. (In case there’s a Saturday night you want to pop open a bottle of wine and admire their signatures.)

Say NO to paper!

I’m very excited about this new feature and seeing you move to a paperless office!
Questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.
Minto Tsai
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