Jasmine Software at AOMA (Part 1)

Part 1 of a two part series on our visit to the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine

Tony presenting Jasmine Practice Management at AOMA

Last Wednesday, we were very honored to be invited to present to the practice management class at AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine. The practice management class is taught by Cat Calhoun. The class teaches students various aspects of running their own practice such as writing a business plan, budgeting and marketing.

We presented to the class the Acupuncture Patient Lifecycle Management and how those concepts fit with Jasmine Practice Management.

Acupuncture Patient Lifecycle Management

Acupuncture Patient Lifecycle Management is process a patient goes through as a patient progresses through a practice, from the moment a patient learns about your practice to when they are healthy. The lifecycle is made up of four key parts.

  • Patient Acquisition
  • Acupuncture Patient Relationship Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Patient Satisfaction

Patient Acquisition

Patient acquisition is answering and solving the problem of how does a practice goes about acquiring customers. Some common methods are having a website, online marketing and advertising.

Acupuncture Patient Relationship Management

Acupuncture patient relationship management is answering and solving the problem of how a practice manages its relationship with its patients. As a practice, managing the patient relationship includes keeping patient contact information, health and treatment histories.

Revenue Management

Revenue management is answering and solving the problem of how a practice makes money and tracks its revenue and expenses. Revenue management helps a practitioner understand the overall health of the practice. As well as using data and analytics to understand the month to month / year to year growth of the practice.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is answering and solving the problem of how satisfied patients are with the service of the practice. High patient satisfaction leads to high patient loyalty and increased revenue from returning patients and referral to friends and family.

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