Jasmine Software at AOMA (Part 2)

Part two of a two part series on our visit to the AOMA Graduate School of Integrative Medicine.

As Minto said in the first part of this article, we were invited to talk to a practice management class at AOMA. The class was full and had students from different points in their acupuncture training. We were talking to students who were about to graduate and begin their practice and also to students who still had a few years to go before they graduated and began their practice. Minto and I agreed that we wanted to talk about practice management themes and not just do a demonstration of a software product.

So to recap, from the first post, we organized our presentation around Acupuncture Patient Life Cycle ManagementThe life cycle is made up of four key parts:

  • Patient Acquisition
  • Acupuncture Patient Relationship Management
  • Revenue Management
  • Patient Satisfaction

After Minto did an excellent job of presenting each theme, my job was to demonstrate how our Jasmine Practice Management software could be used to deliver solutions for each area of Acupuncture Patient Life Cycle Management.

Patient Acquisition

I first demonstrated that a practice can acquire more clients by making it easy for the new clients to self schedule their first appointments. This was shown using the online scheduling feature in Jasmine which makes it easy for a new patient to schedule their own appointment. The clinic can also make the first appointment paper work easy by using another Jasmine feature, automatic follow-up emails to insure the new patient gets current and up to date instructions on how to prepare the paper work the clinic needs for all new patients

Acupuncture Patient Relationship Management

The next theme to cover was Acupuncture Patient Relationship Management. I was able to show how Jasmine delivers on this practice management theme by relating all relationship information to a client record. When you view a client record you can see the history of your appointments, your SOAP notes, and your Receipts. Jasmine also has feature to track additional exchanges you may have with your client. You can log phone conversations and send and log email and all these will be centered on the client record. Because the software is browser based, I was also able to demonstrate how fast and easy it is to view multiple SOAP notes by opening each individual note is a different tab of the browser.

Revenue Management

For the Revenue Management theme, we discussed the value of having an on-line version of your receipts. Using receipt information and the reporting feature in Jasmine, we demonstrated and discussed the value of having reports which compare income sources, give Month over Month income comparisons, and report on sales tax collected. Jasmine Reporting can work with any data you have entered in your system, so we also demonstrated a report on the percentage of customers who are returning customers. Jasmine also allows the clinic to create a dashboard gauge from any report. This feature allows the practitioner to see up to the minute clinic status when you log into Jasmine Practice Management application. Jasmine also offers integration with accounting systems like Quickbooks Wave, etc. 

Patient Satisfaction

The final theme was Patient Satisfaction. Here we demonstrated how Jasmine Practice Management software can use the information collected in your SOAP notes to create a patient progress report. We talked about this in a recent blog post, so you can see something similar it the demonstration in the “Pain Level and Reporting” section of our Second Beta Users Meetup post.

The class remained very active during the presentation. I enjoyed the discussions about the themes and the demonstrations were well received. It was exciting to interact with the students and to hear their feedback on Jasmine Practice Management. 

What features do your think deliver on the four themes of Acupuncture Patient Life Cycle Management?

We also look for questions and comments on the blog posts. Please feel free to leave a comment below or reach out to me at tony@jasminepm.com.