New Intake by Jasmine App v2.0 & Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, ya’ll!

As, I’m planning for 2020, I’m excited for what’s in store for Jasmine and the innovations to help you grow your acupuncture practice this coming year!

New Intake by Jasmine App v2.0

The first update of the year is the NEW Intake by Jasmine App v2.0.

Many of you know the Intake by Jasmine App is an iPad and Android tablet app that helps you go paperless by allowing patients to fill out your intake form electronically, while at the office.

The new update is a complete rewrite to be more stable and give us the ability to make changes easier and faster.

The most noticeable change in the new app is the use of biometric to log in. If your device supports face recognition or fingerprint recognition, you’ll be able to use them to log into the app.

To checkout the Intake by Jasmine App, first, sign up for an account and, then, download the app from the links below for your device:



Log in with FaceId on iPad

Happy New Year!

Minto Tsai

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