Patient Reactivation Emails

One of the best things for your acupuncture business is to have repeat patients. Repeat patients is a good metric that you’re providing a good product or service, otherwise they wouldn’t be coming back!

A nice side effect of having repeat patients is they make your practice more stable and profitable by providing a steady income source.

This is why selling packages are so powerful, but we’ll talk about packages another day.

Today, I want to talk about patient reactivation emails.

Why do patient’s disappear?

Have you ever asked yourself, why a patient disappeared? Understanding why a patient stays or leaves is important to increasing patient retention and creating the best patient retention strategy.

Some common reasons a patient might have disappeared are:

  • Life got busy
  • Moved
  • Job change
  • Had a bad experience
  • Got well

So, your patient disappeared, now what?

When your patient disappears, you can wait and hope they come back or you can be proactive and bring them back.

There are many strategies for patient retention and reactivation. Some include email newsletters, postcards, and phone calls.

Patient reactivation emails are a great low cost way of bring patients back into the practice.

You have been asking patients for email addresses like I told you too, right?

Writing a patient reactivation email

When writing your patient reactivation email, you’ll want to remember the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) formula from copywriting.

Write an Attention grabbing email subject line. Grab their Interest in the first couple sentences. Create a Desire to come into the practice. And, most importantly, give them an Action to contact the practice.

Some ideas for a patient reactivation email might be:

  • Remind them of the benefits of routine acupuncture treatments
  • Offer an incentive to return
  • Offer your expertise and help to bettering their health

How Jasmine Helps

Jasmine now has a feature to help you with your patient reactivation emails. Jasmine automatically sends your patients reactivation emails every 30, 60, and 360 days to your lapsed patients.

Now you don’t have to remember to send your reactivation emails, just let Jasmine do it!

To learn more, email me at to schedule a demo!

Minto Tsai

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