Release News: Improving Acupuncturists' Process Flow & Efficiency

All successful businesses form effective, efficient, and repeatable business processes. And as the business grows, these processes also need to be scalable. The difficulty is discovering these best practices requires a lot of trial and error and testing.

One of the advantages of using Jasmine Practice Management is that acupuncturists use a system which is crowd sourcing the best business processes from many acupuncturists and codifying them in a solution so you run a more efficient practice.

Our recent feature is the integration of Appointments and SOAP Notes, making it easier to create patient treatment notes at the time of a patient’s visit.
Now, with one click, you are able to easily create a SOAP Note for your patients. If the appointment has not yet been associated with a contact record, you are presented with a popup to select a patient.
Once you select a patient, she will be associated with the appointment record and a new SOAP note is created and you are ready to take her treatment notes.

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Minto Tsai