See Why These Acupuncturists Get Together Every Monday

Did you know that there’s a very dedicated army of acupuncturists regularly getting together on Twitter to promote acupuncture and TCM?

Every Monday at 1:30pm Central (US) and 7:30pm (UK) something magical happens on Twitter with the acupuncture community. A group of like minded individuals get together for a tweetfest called #AcupunctureHour.

If you’ve never participated in a tweetfest, it’s where a bunch of people tweet using the same hashtag. The goal is to get the hashtag trending on Twitter to gain awareness for a cause or topic.

#AcupunctureHour was created as a way to promote acupuncture as well as connect acupuncturists from around the world! It’s also a great breeding ground for practitioners to keep up with their field and to learn from forward thinking acupuncturists in their use of social media and new technology (like Periscope).

The Usual Suspects

Deb Connor – @deb_connor

#AcupunctureHour was started in 2013 by Deb Connor (@deb_connor) an acupuncturist out of St. Helens in the UK. Her Twitter handle is @deb_connor.

Sandra Bird – @AnShenTCM

On September 7, 2015, Sandra Bird started managing the @AcuHour Twitter account as Deb stepped down to take a break. Sandra is also an acupuncturist out of the UK and her Twitter handle is @AnShenTCM.

How To Participate

Fire up your Twitter app on Mondays at 1:30pm Central or 7:30pm UK.
Follow the Twitter handle @AcuHour
Search for the hashtag #AcupunctureHour

Tweet using the hashtag #AcupunctureHour
Join us for the fun! 

What To Expect!

Below are a few tweets of what you can expect if you join us for #AcupunctureHour!

Acceptance Ceremony as Dr. Shi Xue Min’s Doctoral Student. What an honor! #China #PhD #TUTCM #acupuncturehour

— Kathleen Funk, L.Ac. (@AcuFunk) June 15, 2015

The Pope Used #Acupuncture! 😇 #AcupunctureHour pals @AcuHour this #video always makes me #smile

— Jennifer Dubowsky (@tcm007) October 5, 2015

— Deb Connor (@deb_connor) September 28, 2015

I hope to see you at #AcupunctureHour!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you. 

Minto Tsai

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