The Golden Opportunity Your Acupuncture Practice Can't Miss

Don’t you love it when someone hands you a freebie? And what if it came in the form of free resources to promote your practice?

BAM! Consider this an metaphorical  electronic dropping of free shit right in your lap!

(And when you’re done reading this, let’s see if you catch the head fake!)

Every year on October 24th, the NCCAOM, puts together a great list of free resources for you to promote your practice called AOM Day aka Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day.

AOM Day is a day to celebrate and share as well as educate and promote our community and profession of acupuncture and TCM. Your practice can participate just by promoting yourself!

AND Did I say free?! So how do you get started?

Read the NCCAOM AOM Day 2015 Update

First, go to the NCCAOM AOM Day 2015 Update page and read about the event, the new features added to the AOM Day website and the resources available to you.

Check out the AOM Day Website

The starting point is the front page of the AOM Day website, become familiar with the different parts of the site.

Come up with Your AOM Day Event

Think of the kind of event you would like to promote for AOM Day. Let your imagination run wild and make this your own. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Host an education session at your practice
  • Discount patients’ treatments on AOM Day
  • Give a free gift to patients

For more ideas, check out the Programs & Events tab to see what other practices are doing.

Register Your AOM Day Event

Once you’ve come up with your event, register it on the AOM Day site. (BONUS: Get SEO juice by doing this!)

Download the Marketing Material

Get the free AOM Day marketing material which was prepared by the good folks at American Society of Acupuncturists and Acupuncture Media Works.

Write a Press Release

Using the press release template, write a press release about your practice and your AOM Day event. (This thing is fill in the blank. How much easier can it get?!)

Promote AOM Day to Your Readers

Write a blog post on your website educating your readers about your AOM Day event. Don’t forget to send this to your mailing list and all your social medias!

Contact Local Media

Reach out to the health writers of your local newspapers and magazines, and bloggers to inform them of your AOM Day event and interest them in writing about it or better yet, offer to write a story for them.

As an added bonus, invite them to your practice for a free session!

Also, many local newspapers, magazines, and blogs have an events section where you can post your AOM Day event for free. Do this!

Ask Patients for Testimonials

Encourage your patients to write testimonials about their great experience with you and your practice. Ask them to share the testimonial with you and the AOM Day website. (HINT: You can use these testimonials on your own website too!)

Did you catch the head fake?

I don’t think the NCCAOM intended this, but in promoting your AOM Day activities, you got a free lesson in marketing! Take the concepts and ideas and constantly apply them to your practice. How cool is that!

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you.

Minto Tsai

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