What's New: Automate Sending Invoices and More!

What's New: Automate Sending Invoices and More!

We're excited to announce the latest updates to Jasmine. Our focus has always been to enhance your experience and streamline practice management tasks. This round of updates brings a mix of eagerly awaited features and critical fixes to improve functionality and user experience.

Automate Sending Overdue Invoices

First on our list is a feature that many of you have requested – the ability to automate sending overdue invoices. Now, Jasmine makes it easier than ever to manage your billing. With automated overdue invoices, you can ensure timely billing without the manual hassle, improving cash flow and patient satisfaction.

Disable Reminder on Create Appointment

We understand that flexibility is key when scheduling appointments. With this update, you have the option to disable reminders when creating appointments, giving you more control over how and when reminders are sent to your patients.

Success Message for Booked Appointments

To enhance clarity and communication, we've added a success message for successfully booked appointments from the booking site. This small yet significant change improves the booking experience, providing clear confirmation to patients.

Renaming Products to Jasmine Products

To better reflect our brand and streamline your experience, we've renamed "Products" to "Jasmine Products". This change helps in distinguishing our proprietary offerings within the app.

Rooms Filter Removed from Create Appointment

We've removed the rooms filter from the rooms dropdown for Create Appointment, giving you more power in choosing rooms for scheduling.

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