What's New: Enhanced Appointment Management and More!

What's New: Enhanced Appointment Management and More!

In our continuous effort to streamline your practice management experience, we are thrilled to announce the latest updates to Jasmine. These new features are designed to give you more control over your appointments, insurance processing, and claims filing.

Introducing 'Disable New Signups' for Services

Control Your Service Capacity: To help you manage your practice's workload and maintain quality care, we've introduced the ability to disable new signups for specific services. This feature is particularly useful for services that are oversubscribed, allowing you to pause new appointments and direct new patients to contact your office directly. It's a simple yet powerful tool to protect the integrity of your services and ensure patient satisfaction.

Enhanced Insurance Fields for Secondary Coverage

Streamlined Insurance Processing: We've expanded the secondary insurance fields, bringing them on par with primary insurance fields. This enhancement simplifies the process of filing claims with secondary insurers. The additional fields provide more detailed information, making it easier to handle claims accurately and efficiently.

Organization EIN on CMS-1500 Forms

Simplified Group Claims Filing: For practices that file claims as a group, we've added a new feature allowing the use of your organization's Employer Identification Number (EIN) on CMS-1500 forms. This addition streamlines the claims process for group practices, ensuring accurate and efficient handling of insurance paperwork.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for choosing Jasmine to streamline your practice.

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