What's New: Enhanced Superbill and More!

What's New: Enhanced Superbill and More!

Despite February's brevity, at Jasmine, we have been tirelessly working to bring you enhancements that make managing your acupuncture practice smoother and more efficient than ever. This month, we're excited to introduce a series of updates and fixes, including an enhanced Superbill feature, improvements to the intake form, and a crucial fix to our booking system. Let's dive into the details.

Enhanced Superbill: Organizational NPI and Place of Service Code

Understanding the complexities of billing and insurance claims in acupuncture practices, we've upgraded our Superbill functionality. Now, you can include both the organizational National Provider Identifier (NPI) and the Place of Service code directly on your Superbills. This enhancement is designed to help you and your patients get reimbursed.

Intake Form Improvements: Pain Area Image

We've addressed a critical issue where the pain area was not correctly sent with the intake form submissions under rare conditions. Ensuring this data is accurately captured and transmitted is paramount for effective patient management and care planning.

In addition, we've ensured that pain area from the intake forms is now reliably showing up in Jasmine. This fix improves data consistency and accessibility, making patient management more seamless.

Booking Site Improvements: Availability and Booking

We've resolved an issue on our booking site where patients encountered incorrect availability with practices with multiple providers, leading to potential booking conflicts. With this correction, your patients will experience a more accurate and hassle-free booking process, enhancing their overall experience with your practice.

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