What's New: Hourly Text Reminders and More!

What's New: Hourly Text Reminders and More!

As we wave goodbye to another month, we're excited to share the latest updates and improvements we've rolled out for Jasmine. Our December updates focus on enhancing user experience, streamlining appointment booking, and ensuring seamless payment processes.

Hourly Text Reminders for Appointments

We understand how important it is for both practitioners and clients to stay on top of appointment schedules. To enhance communication and minimize missed appointments, we've introduced the ability to send text reminders on an hourly basis. Now, you can ensure your clients are timely reminded of their upcoming appointments, reducing no-shows and fostering a more reliable scheduling system.

Enhanced Security on Booking Site

Your security is our top priority. We've added Google reCaptcha preventing bots from interacting with the booking site. With these fixes in place, we've strengthened our defenses against unwanted traffic and potential security threats, ensuring a safer and more secure booking experience for you and your clients.

Update on Stripe Payment Method

We've addressed the deprecated save method for Stripe, ensuring that your payment processes remain seamless and up-to-date with the latest Stripe API improvements. This fix guarantees a smoother checkout experience for your clients, with more reliable and secure payment transactions.

Optimized Custom Form Creation

To improve usability and efficiency in creating custom forms, we've moved the "New" button to the top right corner of the interface. This adjustment makes it more intuitive and accessible, streamlining the process of creating and managing custom forms for your practice.

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